A Complete Program

This program has 4 phases, each carefully designed to increase the range of motion, power, and functional tension in the body for optimal speed and efficiency. Each program is complete with all ancillary exercises, specific running workouts, and injury prevention tools so that each runner has a clear path to follow.

Injury Prevention

The JogtoRun program pays considerable attention to injury prevention by gradually introducing and progressing the various training stimuli. Through subtle changes in training, long-term adaptations in the body occur without an adverse reaction from the soft-tissue system, i.e. injury. Our focus is to avoid the common 'too much, too soon' mistake.


It is through new habits of strength and flexibility and a sustained commitmment to appropriate training, that beginners can progress to complete a fast 5k, marathoners can quality for the Boston marathon, and experienced runners can find new gears at all distances.

JOG TO RUN phases